New Member Registration

All new members must be registered within 30 days of initiation.  This can be done before the ceremony so the membership certificates and pins can be given to the new members during initiation, or immediately following.

Chapter’s that do not register new members prior to 30 days following initiation will be assessed a late fee – see chart below. The late fees will take effect January 1, 2018.  The late fee structure is based on the total amount of dues owed.

Late Fee Structure:

–  30 days past due – 5% of dues

–  60 days past due – 10% of dues

–  90+ days past due – 15% of dues

The late fees are assessed to encourage chapters to plan ahead and not wait till the end of the semester to initiate new members or collect dues. We have seen an increase in chapters waiting till the end of the spring semester to hold initiation and then not registering the new members until the following fall. This causes many issues for the officers and advisors, and can cause quite a setback when chapter operations resume in the fall!  We also suggest that all membership dues are collected in the weeks prior to the ceremony or the night of. If new members don’t have their dues turned in by the deadline or night of initiation, they cannot be initiated with that group.

Registration Instructions: 

Please provide two weeks prior to initiation for certificates and pins to be processed. All new members must be registered and paid in full within 30 days of initiation. If not, late fees will be assessed. See fee structure below.


STEP 1: Input your list of new initiate names into the Excel spreadsheet available for download at: NEW INITIATION CERTIFICATE REPORT 

(this is an Excel spreadsheet template with specific columns.)  Please make sure to include the first name, last name, Greek affiliation, an email address, the new member’s classification (Junior or Senior), the day (example: 1st, 3rd, 11th), the month of initiation.  IT IS VITAL THAT YOU ENSURE THE ACCURACY OF THE INFORMATION/SPELLING OF YOUR LIST AS THIS INFORMATION WILL BE DIRECTLY USED TO CREATE THE CERTIFICATES AS PRESENTED.


STEP 3: Once you submit your Initiation Report with the uploaded Initiate Certificate Report (the Excel spreadsheet), you will receive confirmation of both the “Initiation Report” submission, and your “New Initiate Certificate Report”. The chapter advisor will then receive an invoice for the new member dues ($50/new undergraduate member & $10/honorary member, if applicable).

STEP 4: Print a copy of Initiation Report confirmation email and mail it with your one check to: Order of Omega HQ, 300 E. Border, Arlington, TX 76010. If you need an invoice to process the check for dues, please email us at   Certificates and pins will not be sent to the Chapter until all dues have been paid in full.


– If you are ordering graduation cords at the same time, please include a Merchandise Order Form with order. Shipping & Handling will only need to be paid for the total amount due for the merchandise (i.e. cords, t-shirts, etc and not for the certificates and pins).  A reminder that if your chapter or individual members want to order cords, t-shirts, stoles online, this can be done via our Omega Store (credit/debit card + PayPal accepted).  NOTE: this online payment option is only for merchandise purchases and not for certificates and pins.

– Normal processing and delivery is 2-3 weeks. If the Chapter requires the items sooner, there is an optional $50.00 expedited processing fee. (This is to move the processing of your certificates and pins up in the queue)