Chartering & Chapter Reactivation

Interested in starting a Chapter at your university? Looking to reactivate a Chapter? Take a look at the guidelines and fill out the petition.

The chartering/reactivation process is fairly quick and in most cases can be completed within two weeks.

Guidelines for Chartering and Reactivation

  • When an information request is received, a chartering packet is sent to the interested institution along with a copy of the Constitution and Bylaws. Also included is the Petitioning Form, which must be completed by administrative and undergraduate officers. Once completed, the form should be returned to the National Office with the $100 chartering fee. All information and forms can also be found on our website at www.orderofomega.org.
  • The chartering institution may send an initiation form listing the charter members and a $50 lifetime membership fee for each student member and a $10 membership fee for each honorary member along with the Petitioning Form or after the Charter is approved. The initiation form can be downloaded at www.orderofomega.org.
  • The Executive Office then prepares a Charter and sends it to the chapter along with a Chapter Reference Manual CD, banner, brochures, and four stoles for tapping and initiation ceremonies. Upon receipt of the membership fees and Initiation Form, the Executive Office sends membership certificates and pins for each new initiate.
  • The question often arises concerning the selection of charter members. Typically, a temporary committee of the Greek advisors and leaders of the Greek Councils is formed to choose the charter initiates.
  • Each time the chapter selects new members, the names of those selected must be sent to the National Office to receive membership certificates and pins. A single check covering all membership fees should accompany each new initiation list.
  • Although Order of Omega is an honorary organization, Chapters are encouraged to actively utilize their leadership in the area of service and/or programming.

The various functions sponsored or undertaken by local chapters often include the following:

• Greek Week
• Interfraternity Scholarship Program
• Community Service Projects
• Fundraising projects to provide financial assistance to fraternity men and women in need
• Cultural and/or professional lecture programs