This school year is more of a fresh start than any in recent memory. Many of us are coming back to campuses after full school years of virtual learning.  Some are even attending classes in-person for the first time, ever!  After a year of online…well…everything, some are stepping into their final year of college and working to cement the future they have envisioned.  That’s what makes it a great time to check your online presence With just five steps, you can complete a quick clean-up and refresh to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward. 

1. Check your photos – Take a peek at all your shared and tagged photos. Consider un-tagging yourself from images you don’t control. In the future, it’s best not to tag people in images without their consent. Update your profile pictures and cover photos to current photos that represent your personality. If you’re job hunting, I recommend a professional headshot – NO BATHROOM SELFIES.

2. Update your contact information – Make sure potential employers (and class project team members) have an easy way to contact you. Also, be sure that your email address is appropriate when read out loud. That Hotmail account you created in 5th grade? Maybe delete that and refresh with a new, professional email.

3. Keep your LinkedIn Current – You’ve probably gained new skills and experiences throughout your time in college. Don’t forget to keep your virtual (and printable) resumes current. Even your weekend job at the local restaurant is teaching you skills you can brag about…customer service, time management, attention to detail, and crisis management skills all occur in retail positions.

4. Dig Into Your Past – Take a look at your past content and clear out any posts that are no longer reflective of who you are or the communities you represent. We all grow and change and part of that process is cleaning up messes we might have created.

5. Stay True to You – Your social media presence should give people insight into who you are! In the marketing world, the advice here is to, “stay on brand.” Create and share content that showcases your greatness and what makes YOU great.