Student Board Member Program

Details About Program

The position of Student Member of The Order of Omega Board of Directors requires that the person selected:

  • Be aware of the current issues, problems and concerns facing the Fraternity/Sorority community across the country
  • Be able to speak for, and represent a cross-section of the student members of Order of Omega
  • Be mature in attitude and judgement
  • Be responsible for a student project
  • Be able to attend the Summer Board Meeting following selection to the position, the Winter Board Meeting , as well as the summer meeting concluding his/her year of service (All expenses for these meetings will be covered by Order of Omega)
  • Be able to orient the next student selected for this position

Member Qualifications

Be an undergraduate in good standing with their institution during the term of office

Be actively involved in the Order of Omega chapter on his/her campus

Be an exemplary student with proven academic success

Be supported by the Fraternity/Sorority Life Professional on his/her campus

2022-2023 Application Period Closed

The 2022-2023 Student Board Member application period is now closed.