Get Your Official Order of Omega Merchandise

Two storefronts, one Omega pride

Order of Omega now has two stores. All our branded apparel and accessories are managed by a third-party licensed provider who will produce new branded apparel items as well as branded accessories. Please note that these apparel and accessories items will be processed and shipped by the provider.

Our core items, Order of Omega graduation cords, graduation stoles, officer stoles, leadership medallions, special jeweled pins, banners, table covers, and handbooks will remain in-house and available for purchase using our current Omega Shop.  Please note that these core in-house items will be processed and shipped by Order of Omega headquarters. 

Note:  Order of Omega will no longer be able to accept Merchandise Order Forms for payment with checks. All apparel purchases and/or regalia purchases must be done online.


Order of Omega is the exclusive owner of its trademarks. We are one of many organizations that have entered a trademark licensing agreement with Affinity Consultants to safeguard the proper use of our federally registered trademarks and to guarantee quality products. Hence, all commercial use of Order of Omega’s trademarks must be administered through a license agreement with our organization.