New Member Selection

Undergraduate new members are chosen either annually or semi-annually by each chapter according to the provisions of the chapter’s bylaws. Aspiring members of Order of Omega must be sophomores, juniors, or seniors to be eligible for selection. Each Order of Omega chapter may only initiate up to 5% of the campus’s FSL community size or 20, whichever is greater.

Some chapters may elect to initiate honorary members. Honorary members are faculty and/or staff members at the respective institution who have been great supporters of the fraternity/sorority community in general. Honorary member candidates do not have to be a member of a fraternity or sorority.

Easy Registration of New Members Through MyHonorSociety (MHS)

All new Order of Omega members must be registered within 30 days of initiation, before the ceremony, so they can receive their new membership certificates and pins during initiation or immediately thereafter. Order of Omega chapters will be the ones to register new members through the MHS platform. We have partnered with this platform to expedite our organization’s registration and other transaction processes.

GO to MyHonorSociety (mhs)

Reminder: Only chapter advisors, also known as “sponsors” on the MHS platform, can upload new members for the time being. We will continue working on the page to allow access for chapter officers.  Please continue browsing through this page to learn more about the MHS platform.

Registering new Order of Omega members on the MHS platform:

Using the MHS platform is very useful to Order of Omega. In the past, our chapter advisors had to track down membership dues from each new member to collect them and send the lump sum of payments to the international headquarters. Now, this process is easier and more streamlined through the MHS platform.

Here’s a brief outline of the new member registration process using the MHS platform:

  • The chapter puts out applications to members of the FSL community who meet the Order of Omega eligibility criteria (Article Five, Section 3).
  • After the chapter has received applications, it will pick new members for that semester.
  • The chapter advisor will then upload the newly selected students into the MHS platform by creating a new invitation group. We have a step-by-step guide for this process.
  • The newly selected students will receive an automated invite email through the MHS portal which will prompt them to click on a link to register themselves with headquarters and pay their $63.00 national dues directly to headquarters.
  • Once all new members have completed their registration and payment, IHQ will process their membership certificates and pins. These items will be shipped to the advisor’s campus mailing address in time for the initiation ceremony.

Note:  The MHS platform cannot accept local chapter dues payments.  If your chapter assesses local dues for members, your chapter will need to collect that separately.

Other Option for Paying Membership Dues

A chapter may elect to waive the Order of Omega national dues online payment requrirement for some or all new members. Headquarters will then email your chapter an invoice for the total number of unpaid new members according to the data captured on MHS. Your chapter can collect the new members’ dues and mail in one check or use a credit card via MHS to pay the chapter’s invoice.  To opt-in for this option, your chapter must contact headquarters before uploading new members into the MHS platform.

Other Functions of MHS

MHS can be used as a communication platform between chapters and their members.
We also use this technology to manage rosters in one place, making them easier to check as new officers and advisors come into chapters.

Note: A roster of all your chapter’s past members dating back to 2012 is now available in the MHS portal, under the “Members” tab. Order of Omega continues work to add all former members to the system. Upon completion, chapters may view all members dating to your chapter’s chartering date on your MHS chapter profile.

Reminder: All advisors are provided log-in credentials to access Order of Omega’s MHS portal.  In case you cannot log in using your university email address, please email Mike Taddesse at HQ to get a new temporary password, which you’ll be asked to change once you’ve successfully logged in.

Creating a New Invitation Group on MHS

After selecting new members for the new semester, the chapter will upload their names and email addresses into MHS by creating a new “invitation group,” which the MHS system will use to send the MHS registration invitation link to members. Download the MHS Registration Process Outline document for the step-by-step process of creating a new invitation group.

Pay Your Chapter's Payment Invoice on Time

We assess late fees to encourage chapters to plan ahead, initiate new members, and collect dues immediately. This is in response to the increasing number of chapters that wait until the end of the spring semester to hold initiations and delay registering their new members until the following fall. These practices cause many issues for the advisors and officers and cause quite a setback when chapter operations resume in the fall.

Fees for Late Payments

30 Days Past Due - 5% of Dues
60 Days Past Due - 10% of Dues
90+ Days Past Due - 15% of Dues